To establish a process of contacting adult protective services due to abuse or neglect or exploitation to a client.

GENERAL PRINCIPLE: SPHC sub – contractor / staff must:

  • Be courteous, truthful, and respectful when dealing with clients.
  • Carry out their professional work in a competent and objective manner.
  • Be in continuous compliance with SPHC policy and procedures.
  • Comply at all times with all federal, state and local laws and regulations, including but not limited to laws relating to license, scope of practice.

1. Policy for Adult Protective

  • You must contact Adult Protective Services when a client is experiencing or being subject to abuse or neglect or exploitation from anyone.
  • Adult Protective Services 1 888 774 0152

2. Procedure

  • Once you are aware of any abuse going on you are to report the abuse to adult protective immediately.
  • Then call the police, and contact your immediate supervisor.
  • If there is an immediate danger remove yourself from the situation immediately. Contact the police however, never leave your client alone if at all possible. (YOU SHOULD NEVER LEAVE A CLIENT ALONE DURING ANY TIME ON YOUR SHIFT)
  • Within 24 hours an incident form report should be completed by staff and taken to the immediate supervisor at the main office 1127 Brown Ave, Columbus, Ga 31906

3. SPHC response to Abuse or Neglect or Exploitation:

  • Confirm the police has been called along with APS
  • Confirm the client and staff are safe
  • Within 24 hours receive an incident report from staff; for review to confirm proper steps were taken regarding the matter.
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