Client Bill of Rights & Responsibilities

  • Right to be informed about the plan for services and to be involved in the development of the plan.

  • Right to be informed promptly about any changes in services (before the change).

  • Right to accept or refuse services.

  • Right to be informed of charges for services provided.

  • Right to be informed of the contact number (s) for the supervisory personnel.

  • Right to be informed of the complaint procedures.

  • Right to confidentiality of the client information.

  • Right to have property and residence treated with respect.

  • Right to written notice of the contract information for the state licensing authority.

  • Right to a copy of the PHCP’s most recent report from a licensure inspection.

  • Responsibility of the client and / or responsible party to inform the provider of any changes in the client’s condition.

    To report abuse, neglect and exploitation please call Adult protective services 1 888 774  0152

    Senior Plus Health Care (SPHC) complaint information please call 706 221 3170 or write Operations Director 1127 Brown Ave; Columbus, Ga. 31906

    Health Facility Regulations complaint information please call 404 657 5728 or 404 657 5726;1800 878 6442; or write to DCH / HFRD 2 Peachtree St NW, Atlanta, GA. 30303, Regulatory Services 404 657 5500 (info regarding license)

    By signing below I’m acknowledging that I understand the client rights and responsibility are very important I will abide by them.

     _______________________________                      ____________________

    SPHC Client                                                                                            Date

     _________________________________                ____________________ 

    SPHC   Sub – Contractor / Staff                                                          Date                                              

    ___________________________________         _____________________ 

    SPHC Administrator / Management                                                   Date


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