The following are the Code of Ethics you must NOT implement when servicing a client:

  1. Using the client’s car or funds for personal use
  2. Consuming the client’s food or beverage.
  3. Using the client’s telephone for personal calls.
  4. Discuss political, religious or personal problems with the client.
  5. Accepting gifts or monies (tips) from the client / client representative.
  6. Lending money or other items to the client, borrowing money or other items from the client or client representative.
  7. Sell gifts, food or other items to or for the client.
  8. Purchase any items for the client, unless directed in client care plan
  9. Bring other visitors (e.g. children, friends, relatives, pets, etc.) to the client’s home
  10. Smoke in the client’s home, with or without permission from client or client’s representative.
  11. Report for duty under the influence of alcoholic beverages or an illegal substance.
  12. Remain in the client’s home after services have rendered.
  13. Sleep in the client’s home.


Failure to do so will lead to adverse action to include up to termination. AT SPHC WE NEVER HANDLE ANY CLIENT’S CAR OR PERSONAL FUNDS AT ANY TIME DURING YOUR EMPLOYMENT WITH SPHC.

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