Job Classification

Non –Exempt

Objective: To provide direct care to members in order to assist with reaching / maintaining his / her highest level of performance and independence.

Qualifications included but not limited to:

  • Successful completion of a nurse aide training and competency evaluation program pursuant to the requirements of 42 CFR Part 483, Subpart D, as revised or recodifies, if applicable; or
  • Successful completion of a competency examination for nurse aides recognized by the department; or
  • Successful completion of a health care or personal care credentialing program recognized and approved by the department; or
  • Successful completion or progress in the completion of a 40 hour training program provided by a private home care provider, which addresses at least the following areas:
  • Ambulation and transfer of clients, including positioning;
  • Assistance with bathing, toileting, grooming, shaving, dental care, dressing, and eating;  Basic first aid and CPR;
  • Caring for clients with special conditions and needs so long as the services are within the scope of the tasks authorized to be performed by demonstration;
  • Home management;
  • Home safety and sanitation;
  • Infection control in the home;
  • Medically related activities to include the taking of vital signs; and
  • Proper nutrition.

Administrator Duties and Responsibilities but not limited to:

  • Assisting with activities
  • Assisting with toileting
  • Assisting ambulation
  • Taking vital signs as needed
  • Documenting as instructed
  • Assisting members with personal care / ADLS
  • Assisting with meals planning and preparation
  • Completing an incident / accident reports when needed
  • Assisting members with basic housekeeping / errands
  • Assisting child / adult in homes in which parent(s) are physically or mentally disabled
  • Assist clients in settings doctor’s appointments and transporting to appointments
  • Ensure clients take self – administered medications
  • Reports violations of clients rights, complaints, or concern from client to management in a observing and reporting any changes in the member to the RN in a timely matter rather mental or physical.

By signing below I am acknowledging the above duties and other duties as assigned by supervising staff.

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