SPHC Policy

Complaint Policy

Our Purpose

To establish a process for addressing patient or client complaints and / or comments regarding their experience with SPHC. Complaints and comments are taken seriously and will be subject to the procedure listed below.

General Principle:

SPHC sub-contractor / staff must;

  • Be  courteous, truthful, and respectful when dealing with clients.
  • Carry out their professional work in a competent and objective manner.
  • Be in continuous compliance with SPHC policy and procedures.
  • Comply at all times with all federal, state and local laws and regulations, including but not limited to laws relating to license, scope of practice.


Persons concerned that any violation of the above principles has occurred can register a comment with SPHC.

written complaint with any supporting evidence regarding the complaint must be submitted no later than 24 hours after the event. Online Complaint Form

Complaints can be sent to SPHC address: Director of Operations Danyelle Marshall, 1127 Brown Ave; Columbus, Ga. 31906; 706-221-3170

Complaints can be sent to: Health Facility Regulations complaint information 404-657-5728 or 404-657-5726; 1-800-878-6442; or write to #2 Peachtree St NW Atlanta, Ga. 30303.

Persons wishing to make a general comment regarding their experience with SPHC may submit their comments to the assistant director. Online Complaint Form


SPHC Response to Complaints:

Complaints must be sent to: Danyelle Marshall, 1127 Brown Ave.,  Columbus, Ga. 31906, 706-221-3170 with-in 2 working days of being received.

The Director of Operations; Danyelle Marshall will be responsible for promptly investigating and responding to complaints, and responding to the person making the claim with-in 5 business days of receipt of complaint.

The Director of Operations Danyelle Marshall will notify the administrator, appropriate staff and complaint of investigation results within 5 business days after complaint is received.

The Director of Operations, Danyelle Marshall will keep a record of receipt and disposition of all complaints will be in a log binder in a locked office.

The Director of Operations, Danyelle Marshall will be responsible for reporting any infraction of laws or guidelines that govern an employee’s license and / or credentials to the proper governing authorities.

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